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Map life Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. is the India’s largest and fastest-growing business community...And we’ve been home to a new breed of happy and successful people of all ages, races, gender and socio-economic status. It is a business process management service, uses process to help its client’s power intelligence across their enterprise to run smarter operations make smarter decisions and use smarter technology.

As an established, dynamic direct selling company, we provide the framework and tools that allow our members to actively raise their quality of life through value-added lifestyle products and attractive Compensation Plan.

We offer a fully supported entrepreneurial opportunity to promote the business and product portfolio to others. With or without availing of the business opportunity, Map life Multitrade Pvt. Ltd retails a variety of products that enhance the everyday lives of our customers around the India.

More than seven decades of a strong, customer-focused approach and the continuous quest for world-class quality have enabled it to attain and sustain leadership in all its major lines of business.

The company's businesses are supported by a wide marketing and distribution network, and have established a reputation for strong customer support.

Map life Multitrade Pvt. Ltd believes that progress must be achieved in harmony with the environment.

A commitment to community welfare and environmental protection are an integral part of the corporate vision.

In response to changing market dynamics, Map life Multitrade Pvt. Ltd has gone through a phased process of redefining its organisation model that facilitates growth through greater levels of empowerment. The new structure is built around multiple businesses designated ‘Independent Companies’ .and our mission to….
  • To offer services of the highest quality to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • To achieve continuous self improvement through research & development, training and human resource development.
  • To meet social objectives by seeking the highest standard of business ethics, ensuring a harmonious work environment and working for the welfare of the community.